Limousine Service Rental Tips

Right now YOU have the upper hand. You can choose which company and what type of limo you want for this unique evening. Start doing your Homework NOW! I have listed below a few questions you should ask limousine/transportation companies BEFORE you sign a contract or pay a deposit.

It is strongly suggested that you talk directly with the company you want to get information from.  Many times the internet will provide false/misleading information (photos, pricing, locality…etc).  DON’T place a reservation on-line with someone you have not talked with first.  Take a moment to verify their authority to operate!  DON’T Place a reservation blindly! (See below)

There are two different classifications of “For Hire” vehicles and the REQUIRED Licensing and Commercial Vehicle Insurance is different for each.  In addition, the CHAUFFEUR/Driver is REQUIRED to have special driving license in order to operate ANY of these vehicles.  Public Service Commission (PSC) is Maryland’s governing Authority.

UBER/LYFT, rideshare companies do NOT follow the same state regulations/commercial insurance/driver’s license guidelines and requirements as limousine companies!  BUYER BEWARE! 

  1. Limousines – These vehicles could be 1 to 14 passengers. Examples of these types of vehicle could be: Standard Sedan (usually Lincoln, Cadillac, Mercedes), Standard SUV, 6, 8,10 or 12, 14 passenger stretch limousine, Sprinter, Van, 14 passenger or under shuttle or mini limo coach.
  2. ANY person operating any of the above vehicles are REQUIRED to hold in their possession, a PSC For Hire Driver’s License along with their MD Driver’s License.

If the company is licensed to operate in Maryland, you can go to the PSC website at:


call 410-767-8000 Transportation Division.

In addition, ALL vehicles MUST display a yellow Authority sticker and a Red & White sticker on the lower portion of their front windshield.

  1. SUV Stretch, Limo Coaches, BusesThese vehicles are rated as 15 passenger or more. Examples of these vehicles could be stretch SUV’s, Stretch Hummers, Limo Coaches, Limo Bus, Limo Party Bus, Shuttle bus, Motor Coaches and Lim-Bus-ines.

ANY person operating any of the above vehicles are REQUIRED to hold in their possession a CDL Driver’s License w/ Passenger Endorsement along with their MD Driver’s License.  If the company is licensed to operate they are REQUIRED to hold USDOT Authority and DISPLAY their USDOT #’s on both sides of their vehicle.  To check to see if this company is legal to operate, go to:

Please refer to the information below based upon the type of vehicle you want to contract.

Ask these questions of the limo company. If they avoid answering or cannot immediately answer these questions… then cross that company off of your list and call the next limousine company!  Don’t look for the cheapest deal. Look for a responsible company that is properly insured and licensed!  After all…..would you knowingly put a family member or loved one in a vehicle that you know nothing about?

  1. May I come and view the vehicle? (Sub-contractors will not be able to accommodate this request!)
  2. Is this company currently holding a VALID PSC certificate? If so, what is their courier number? (Every limousine and transportation company MUST be registered with the Public Service Commission.) Ask when calling: What is your company’s PSC #?  (They should know this 2 to 4 digit # easily!)
  3. What is the size, color and what year is the limo?
  4. What is the TOTAL cost for the rental of the limo? Does their TOTAL cost include gratuity (tip) for the chauffeur?
  5. Is a contract written? And when are the deposit and the signed contract due back to the limousine company? Is the Deposit refundable or non-refundable?
  6. Is the Chauffeur properly trained and properly licensed in the State of Maryland? Does the Chauffeur have a current PSC For-hire license?
  7. Is the company properly insured in the State Of Maryland?

Prom Limo Rental Tips

Prom time is fast approaching… Have you found a date? Have you bought your dress or rented the tux? Rented a limousine? You’d better get busy…or you will end up with what’s left over, or having Mom or Dad drive you!

Every year, students and parents end up rushing around looking for the above mentioned. Every year our phones ring off the hook with students and parents desperately looking for a limo two months before or up to the day of the prom. Sad to say, they end up with an outrageously priced limo, or a poorly maintained, dirty limo or without a limo at all! All of the reasonably priced and better limousine companies have been booked for months.

In addition to all of the above Limo Rental Tips, there are a few other questions to ask for Prom Rentals:

  1. Does the company have a policy of NO ALCOHOL, NO ILLEGAL DRUGS?
  2. Do they participate in county or school sponsored Prom Promise program?